Rembrandt and Ryan 

The kids and I drove up to Madrid this morning… deep into the heart of Madrid and the famous Museo de Prado. Parking in a nearby underground lot was surprisingly cheap and there was no line at 2pm when we arrived!  I had read many a travel guide that said to expect huge queues, but not on this sunny day! 

Inside, the kids were fascinated at the immensity and maze like rooms, but quickly grew tired of walking. Avi was especially grossed out by a Jesus on the cross painting – guess he hasn’t seen inside too many Catholic churches yet. He was so mortified by it that he refused to go in that particular room and a few others; it wasn’t even one of the really gory ones. Anyway,  we walked slowly and saw the biggies: the Las Meninas, some Goya, Van Dyke, lots of Rubens and a Rembrandt. It was a bit full of religious paintings and portraits.  Nearing their capacity I told the kids they must endure one final painting and that it was so weird it would be worth the trudge downstairs past that Jesus.

Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights did not hesitate to fascinate.  Even me. I won Avi over with that one! Zoes feet hurt to badly to enjoy a masterpiece.  Poor her.

—no cameras allowed—

A quick skip through the cafe let me know it was not priced for us, so we took our packed apples and yogurt outside. The sun was sunny and Madrid looked lovely.

 I drove to the airport where the kids much enjoyed a romp in the playland and a long tour of perfumery in the duty free shop.  They both took selection and sampling fragrances quite seriously. Zoe declared polo #2 the best while Avi was partial to that Suave-somethingrather with Johnny Depp as a tatted out cowboy on the box.

 Ryan Air was our ride to Bethany’s .  Its my first time on this discount airline and its just fine.  I did learn that people line up a half hour prior to boarding – presumably to get overhead space.  We did not, and were at the rear of a huge line, so my carry on was stowed below. No matter – it’s still free being just a carry on and the right size. No free food and I gambled by not paying for assigned seats; paid off, we are together.

German Christmas markets, we are ready to celebrate the holiday season!

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