New York at Christmas is fun. We enjoyed the lights and shops and people….but I think a highlight for all of us was the Central Park off-leash dog time in the morning.  We were waking so early that it was dark and before anything could open we walked to the park and played with all the dogs!  So fun.  


The night we arrived was a special time for me as I got wisked away to Brooklyn with my brother Tyler to see a sneak preview of his newest film project, Where to Invade Next!  It was so awesome…. Even after an 8 hour flight! I got to meet a lot of passionate and fascinating people at the after party, too.  Get pumped for good changes in our country!

 Tyler joined us the next day in Manhattan as well.  He taught Zoe how to hail a cab! We got our Korean food fix, played hot & cold at the hotel while it rained, and saw the Rockettes Christmas show!  Our kiddo’s have been looking forward to this for a long long time, and the experience was really fun. Avi fell asleep about 5 minutes before the end.


We woke around 5am again,  so spent our final morning enjoying the park again.  From there it was a scenic train ride to central PA!

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