Mini break time


The kids and I took a super fun trip down to our favorite beach town: Moraira.  It’s cute and small which is rare along the coast near us.  Massive resort towns are the norm, so we love little Moraira and the fact that it’s a bit less Spain and a bit more England. Unlike in our town, the restaurants here open up at regular dinner hours and there is variety!  We love to visit Fishy Fishy for some tasty fish and chips,  and to sit at the gelato cafe watching people go by.

We drove down Friday after school and checked into our apartment rental, which was quite nice!  Then it was an amble to the darkening beach and out for fishy dinner.

In the morning the kids did their homework as it was a bit chilly.  We then packed our beach mat and sand tools and walked down to the shore.  They spent hours digging and playing, trying to catch fish in the stream, and climbing windblown trees.  I relaxed on the mat to read and color and write.  It was wonderful.  Not warm enough to be in the water, but both kiddo’s went pant less and splashed about.

We explored the old fortress ruins after that and got some gelato. Stopped at a grocery on the way back for dinner supplies.

In the evening we walked again to see a rocky natural coast just up the shoreline. On the way we met some super friendly street cats.  Zoe named one French Fry as he loved our leftover fish and chips and was quite fat.   Both kids loved this beach and exploring the boulders; in fact we each found a favorite spot and just watched the waves and the stars and a boat roll in for a long while. Saw the cats again on the way back.

Sunday was checkout day. We took a longer drive up the coastal road to check out some of the natural shoreline and other beaches along the way south. We then stopped into the town of Elx, known for its palm groves planted by moorish settlers. The city park is full of them!  We quite enjoyed following a “quest” booklet that we got at the information center; it led us through town to look for the dragon statues all the while seeing the old palm groves, old castle and fortress, and even some Roman bath ruins.  It was a neat detour before heading home to our kitties.

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