The fam has been fighting colds this week.  Seems we caught the Norwegian crud on our final day of spring break up north, and the spring weather and pollen in Spain arent helping the healing process.  It’s been kinda crazy –  warm, almost hot, one day and then cold and rainy the next.  The rain has been great for the garden though, and the bulbs we planted last fall have come up;  my daffodils, Avi’s flower bed of purple hyacinths and a special red tulip, and Zoe’s white flowers and colorful panseys are all filling the yard with fragrance. Her raspberries and blueberry bushes are sprouting again as well! I’m hoping for an afternoon soon to get my veggies in the soil and our compost laid out. 

The pets are feeling springish as well. The cat Nutmeg brought in a nice dead baby bird he caught and defeathered.  He also pranced around like a king for a couple days after.  Ginger cat has joined me in the early war against giant grasshoppers in our yard; a battle I thought would not start again until the end of summer.  Might be a long one.

Avi also has a new friend called Bright.  He bought this guy himself with allowance money.  He’s been asking for a guppy specifically for a long time.  In addition, we started a cool new chemistry set!

This past weekend was beautiful.  We spent Saturday feeling sick and tired of being sick, but went out Sunday rock climbing with another family.  It was good to be out.  Helped clear the lungs, and feed the soul, even though I didn’t climb but once. Certainly a good day out and a solid mark that we are done with our week of being ill.  Zoe spent most of the day reading Harry Potter while Avi gathered a flower collection and played with the other boys.

  In a silver-lining moment today, I expanded my Spanish vocabulary at the Norauto mechanic as our car needed both a new battery (plus a check on the alternator, which was happily fine) and a flat tire patch. Turned out great and I got to use my mad español skills to get a 5 euro discount.

So! Here’s to more warm sunny days and an end to coughing.

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