Long Layover in Bergamo

The best prices on flights from Spain to Greece took the kids and I through Milan-Bergamo airport.  So, we bought the cheap Ryan Air tickets and spent the day in the little village of Bergamo.  Our flight landed at 1205 and the following one departed at 1720 giving us a little over 5 hours.IMG_3421

In that time, we had a lot of rainy fun.  We easily found the number 1 bus outside the terminal and bought tickets from the little machine.  It goes every half hour into town and should’ve only taken about 20minutes, but our bus driver was apparently ready for a break so everyone was told to get off at a random stop down town and wait for the next.  We stood there in our sandals and jackets wondering what to do when a number 1 bus rolled up with “Citta Alta” on the sign and we got on.

At the old city walls on top of the hill we disembarked into the scenic old town. The beauty here was the greenery and the rain!  Having not been to Italy since I was a teen, I expected aridity like central Spain but was happily mistaken with a lush green town.  It was a pretty walk, and then it started misting on us so the kids weren’t super happy until we popped into “Il Fornaio” pizza place and devoured each our own giant slices.  Well,  Zoe and I did; Avi chose, instead, two hotdogs rolled in dough. Then they each got a gigantic merengue.

We walked along through the city square, and had planned on taking the funicular up to Castillo di san Vigilio but the rain turned into a torrent and we spent longer eating and drying off.  So, instead, we took the funicular down out of the citta alta which was fun and included in our bus ticket as a transfer.  It was quite simple to find bus 1 back to the aeropuerto as it comes just outside the door at the base of the funicular.  We were drenched.  The kids’ jackets had hoods, and I thought mine did as well, but I had taken along a lightweight puffy that I rarely use – in fact Bryan got it free at some even in Korea – and erroneously expected it had a hood. Oh well.

It all timed out well to catch our follow on RyanAir flight to Athens.  This trip is only a week long, and to warmth, so each of us has only a school backpack sized pack with two extra outfits and a swimsuit.  I preprinted our boarding passes, so it was a breeze to just get a passport check stamp at the kiosk, go through security, and find the gate.


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