OMG we got a camper

Can you believe it?  The backpackers succumbed to the temptation of lugging their kids around North America in the comfort of a camper.

Actually, it’s an RV – a drive camper we call it because we just don’t know the lingo yet.  Its been a decision in the making all year; ever since that trip to Finland with the rental!  In Spain, tenting is highly discouraged so we were in the process of buying one (it’s just how they do it in Europe) when we were suddenly told we had to move back to North America.  I suppose the new camper is a bit of a bandaid for our hearts which still ache for The Continent.

It’s working.  This past long weekend -one we wouldn’t have gotten overseas I might add – we took it out of town.  Last weekend we did a one-nighter at a local fam camp for testing, but heading to Patagonia Lake State park was the real deal.

Mostly it rained, so we quite enjoyed the camper!  And we especially loved the games we bought at the amazing thrift store we found.  We loved the portability and the prospect of exploring this continent with our kids who are from here but really unfamiliar.

We did get out for a hike which turned into a bush whack and cactus avoidance, and followed up the next day with a lovely jaunt on an actual trail where we saw deer and birds and birders looking at birds and one special rare bird called the Elegant Trogan.

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