Unwinding in Flag

There are times when life gets so busy that we just need to carve in time to step away for a breather. It seems that the biggest challenge for us since moving back to the U.S. is finding a balance between our natural inclination to spend every weekend outside and the intense pressure to sign up for every activity that presents itself. The opportunities here abound, and it’s difficult to resist the urge to do it all. This fall it seems we’ve tackled a bit much and fallen into the American tradition of over-scheduling our family; it was all too easy to do between music lessons, co-op, baseball, BMX, archery, and especially Zoe’s auditioning for a major Christmas theatre production.

Regardless, it’s important to be outside and calm down so we spent a long weekend up in the cool weather of Flagstaff. We camped out at Ft Tuthill where the kids played with dirt, watched squirrels attack the neighbor’s camp, and honed their fire building skills.

Flagstaff is also a great place for biking, so we tried our hand on the trick courses and BMX track at ft. Tuthill.

Another day found us taking the local bike trail system the five miles north into Flagstaff itself. It was a beautiful crisp autumn day: wonderful cool weather and clear blue skies! In Flag we walked around and got some lunch, enjoyed the campus of NAU, and biked back to camp.

The most fun, however, was the Flagstaff ropes course! Both kids and adults have the opportunity to try a challenging course of zip lines and treetop obstacles. Supposedly only 25% of the adults can finish their course, and it is nerve-rackingly high up, but both Bryan and I made it!

A swing through Sedona on the way home topped off our much needed time away from the busy schedule we’ve recently found ourselves immersed in. Much better to be wading through the creek.


  1. I just love to see you all enjoying the beauty of the Western part of our beautiful country. The kids get to see & do so many wonderful things. Good for you Bryan & Kat. So proud of you as parents😊💕❤️


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