Nostalgic Day Trips Near Songtan

Once upon a time we lived in Korea;  twice, really; for four years total; and then we went back to visit as tourists.  When asking the kids where their favorite places were to day trip too, it came down to three we could all agree on:  the Folk Village in Suwon, Everland amusement park, and Gyeryongsan to hike.

So, we were lucky enough to have a car to borrow and could see them all.

The Folk Village was all but empty of guests on a cold February weekday.  It felt ever so magical in fascinating to see all the old types of village, the farms, the palace, and the dance routine.  We enjoyed our sit-on-the-ondol-floor lunch, and wished we could live here again.

Previous Folk Village visits:  during our 1 Year Remoteduring our 3 Year sponsored tour of Korea.


Everland was just as fun as it always was, even if it was looking a tinge run down in places.  Avi braved the Rolling X train looping coaster and rode about 5 times.  Zoe, my coaster lover, dragged her feet to ride the T-express (my favorite coaster ever) and then reluctantly said it was OK.  It was nostalgia galore.  And, yes, we had to mask up for the day because of the air quality.

We used to have season passes, so lots of previous blogs about Everland!


Lastly, was a day hiking Gyeryongsan.  Its an up up up trail, like all are in Korea, with stairs and decks, and even snow near the top.  The kids all but ran parts of it and then dragged feet across icy bits just to run back down.

OH, and my first go at Gyeryongsan was with baby Zoe.

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