Tibet-Everest-071xThis blog has always been a place where I write and grow. It was started a long time ago as a simple new way to just spread news to our family; back when blogs were new and I wrote about weekend camping trips. We’ve lived away from that kin network for a long time. I’ve had the opportunity to use this platform for sharing childbirths, military moves, my love of travel, and thoughts on raising two kids with a worldview and love of nature.  I’ve also seen writing develop into something I love to do.

Nowadays, this is still a blog for our family back home, but there is no more ‘just’.  It’s also our family travel log and I hope you can find something entertaining or useful as you following along with our Rambling Family.



    • That’s is wonderful! Obviously, visiting the hubs is first priority, but seeing things that make Korea unique would be my biggest suggestion. I’d avoid kid-specific stuff like the zoo and amusement parks because you can do that stateside. Remember, the Korean culture dotes on their kids; those wee ones are welcome everywhere!

      My choices would start with family time hiking around Buraksan and doing some exploring right there in Songtan. Next, a visit to the Korean Folk Village up in Suwon is so worth the trip (a car makes this easy); don’t buy the add-on pass for the little carnival attractions section. Lastly, if possible with your husbands’ schedule, take the train to Seoul for a couple nights – stay at Dragon Hill, visit the NSeoul tower at dusk, maybe visit the war memorial, Jogyasa, Gyeongbukgong, and if you are up for nakedness go to the Dragon Hill Spa for some jjimjilbang time.

      Have fun! We have always loved our time in Korea.

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