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Top o’ the world to you

By the time we got to Fairbanks this whole camper was ready for a break.  We had a truly wonderful visit with some dear friends who showed us around town, let me do laundry, and treated us to the feeling of home again. I can’t express how wonderful it is to be able to see people again after living in totally different places.

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Ride the mountain rails

When Avi was little he loved a Canadian show called Mighy Machines; it features short documentaries about large equipment for kids.  There are episodes about recyling, lumber, farms, street cleaning, etc.  We all find them interesting, but one of Avi’s favorites has always been the episode called “Ride the Mountain Rails” about the trains that maintain and fix the White Pass and Yukon railroad. He has always wanted to ride that train, so I made a point of making that happen.  Continue reading “Ride the mountain rails”

Ferry Camp

The Alaska Marine Highway System is the way to travel Alaska, I tell you! It is a series of long and short distance ferry routes throughout coastal Alaska, with a stop in Canada and as far south as Bellingham Washington. There are ferries of various sizes, and for the long-hauls they are large vehicle carriers that also include sleeping berths, a cafeteria, and various lounges over 2 decks for passengers.

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