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Shutting Down the Park

The Petrified Forest and Painted Desert National park is always a fun surprise because there really is NO forest.  We took the kids there, and like clockwork they got out of the car to exclaim, “where are the trees?”

“Look on the ground,” I’d reply.  And, there, the rocks tell the tale. “Those are the trees.  This was a forest about 200 million years ago.  It’s now petrified!”

“Oh.  huh.”  Disappointment?   Not quite.   Continue reading “Shutting Down the Park”


On a mission for cooler temps

It has been hot, super hot, 104 or more, for months, and though I escaped the hottest part of the summer with our big road trip, being hot this last month has been enough to make us all ready for a reprieve. Don’t get me wrong; we love the sun and blue skies and daily dip in the pool, but, a few days up in the mountains sounds like heaven. So, over Labor Day weekend we drove above the Mogollon rim. Continue reading “On a mission for cooler temps”

Back to School

After a summer living in the camper, it was nice to come home and have a couple weeks of staycation. Then, it got a bit boring. Kids were fiesty and picking on each other. We needed to get things rolling with school. Continue reading “Back to School”

Spring Schooling

It’s been a bit of a self induced stressful spring.  We are busy at home working on the house and the backyard and figuring out Bryan’s job. But on top of that is the challenge of decisions regarding schooling the kids. Continue reading “Spring Schooling”

Cave Creek

One of the reasons we have been excited about a move back to America is the opportunity to take our kids backpacking; something hard to come by in the same way overseas.  So, with new backpacks for the kids, we started out!  Bryan took Zoe out a few weekends ago on a fun overnight trip into the Rincon’s near Saguaro National Park, and she loved it.  This week we followed up with nearly a week of fun in southern Arizona, and a highlight backpack down the Cave Creek Trail in the Chiricahua Forest.

Continue reading “Cave Creek”

Renaissance Festival

The Arizona Renaissance Festival is now in full swing!  We were there yesterday to take in the first day of crazed excitement.
Continue reading “Renaissance Festival”

Sonoran Desert Museum

At Christmas, Bethany surprised us with the awesome gift of a membership to the local Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.  We have already been a few times, and it is always fun and new.  There are parts we still haven’t seen, but here are some highlights of this zoo / natural history museum.

Continue reading “Sonoran Desert Museum”

The never ending relocation

Here is a super long story I just can’t rehash, made short: We had to move to Tucson.

Continue reading “The never ending relocation”

OMG we got a camper

Can you believe it?  The backpackers succumbed to the temptation of lugging their kids around North America in the comfort of a camper. Continue reading “OMG we got a camper”

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