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San Francisco

There were no flights heading the direction we needed to go the last couple days, so we’ve been staying with my cousin Lara in Oakland. Yesterday Zoe and I braved San Francisco, and had a great time! We saw it all…the ships, the piers, the funky side of town, the “Full House” house, the beach, the Bridge, the parks, and we even drove down the windy Lombard street. What a great day. Zoe loves playing with Lara and Ben’s kitties. Today we’re headed back up to Travis to attempt another flight…this one to Korea via Hawaii and Guam. It was supposed to have a lot of seats open, but it’s now cancelled. I’m still going to try because I’ve seen them cancel and then still fly afer fixing whatever was the issue.


Stuck in CA

So, we’re still here. We’ve attempted to get on flights to Hawaii and to Alaska with no luck, but have had a good time trying. On Friday I rented a car and we drove to Muir Woods to see the giant redwoods and then up the coast on the 1 to see Point Reyes. It was awesome. Saturday found us visiting my cousin Kristina in Sacramento. We ended up staying with her for the night since the flight I wanted was cancelled. Wonderful. Sunday and Monday we tried for flights with no luck. But, while waiting, we met a great couple and had fun joking around about all our space A adventures. Ended up having brunch with them, and then they helped Zoe and I get to a car rental AND they got us a car seat! Wonderful and amazing and so kind! Anyway, we decided to head to San Francisco. So we’re staying with cousin Lara for a couple days. Wednesday is a fligth to Osan with alot of seats open…hopefully we make it!

Hanging at Travis

This morning I resigned myself to simply Space-A ing back to Korea via Hawaii, but then I found out there is a flight to Alaska on Saturday. Called Bryan and we agreed to throw the dice, so now I’m chilling at Travis AFB for a couple days to try for Alaska. I’m in no rush to get back to Korea, so why not? Still wishing I would’ve tried my luck on the Friday flight out of McGuire instead, but they didn’t even know if they would have any seats. I also found out that the flight I was going to attempt today was uber-full…I’ve run into the same family a few times who have tried 3 different flights to Hawaii with no luck. Now is not the time to go there, so I’m thinking it will be better to simply go via Alaska anyway! Hoping to rent a car tomorrow and hit up some national parks down in San Francisco for the old Passport obsession.

This Space A stuff is fun! Never thought I’d have choices to make, though. I thought I’d just have to roll with whatever came up. Neat.

Santa Barbara

We had a great time over Labor Day weekend driving out to Santa Barbara to visit Bryans friend John. It was so fun to just hang out, eat good food, hike a bit, and enjoy the amazing weather. Did I say good food? John is an amazing cook and has an awesome farmers market to go to for the freshest ingredients. It was so yum. Zoe did great, too, and really seemed to like visiting John and all his roommates and all their families. It was a super-full house, which made it all the more exciting. Zoe slept on the floor on top of a sleeping bag, and didn’t even stir when things got loud. The drive out was great, and she slept most of the time; the drive home was long, and we had to stop more to get her out for some energy usage.

Now, we’re just in the final countdown for the move. One week. I updated our inventory today, which took forever. The rest of the week will see us taking everything off the walls, undoing any electronics, and piling things for Korea or Pennsylvania or Storage. I’m so excited!!

San Diego Trip

Time to play a little catch-up.  We went to san diego last weekend.  Drove out friday night and stayed at jim & lou’s with Justin, sarah, and sophia.  Saturday we drove down to SD, watched jareds cross country meet, and went to cabrillo NM in the afternoon.  Zoe got her feet in the pacific and seemed to like the cold water.  We then spent the evening with the fam; it was so nice to stay with cindy & steve.    On Sunday we hit sea world; zoe was up all day, but was really great and alert checking out the aquariums.  That evening, however, she was a handful.  She couldn’t get herself to sleep…it was really frustrating and sad for me, like that first month when nothing seemed to work.  Anyway, monday was fun.  We went to the beach in coronado and zoe got to hang out all day with cousin sophia who was very excited about zoe!  Tuesday morning we went out to la jolla to watch the seals before driving back home.  zoe does alright in the car if i sit in back and play with her til she falls asleep, then i crawl up front, when she wakes we stop to feed her, and i get in the back when we get going again.  We end up stopping every 2 or so hours.  not bad.

San Diego

We drove out to California for a long weekend mini-holiday. Justin, Sarah, and Sophia had also flown out for vacation, so we decided to visit when they were there since we hadn’t seen them since Christmas. On Friday we drove from Tucson to LA; Zoe did good as long as Kat sat in back while she was awake and we stopped every 2 hours to feed her. We stayed at Jim and Lou’s so we could check out the progress on their remodel, and it’s going to look amazing when it’s finally done. On Saturday we drove down to San Diego to watch Jared’s cross country meet which is really fun. We got to run around to different spots in the park to watch him run by. That afternoon we headed over to Point Loma and Cabrillo National Monument so we could get our parks book stamped and check out the tidal pools. Zoe enjoys having her feet in cold water. In the evening Justin, Sarah, Sophia, Jim and Lou came down to Steve and Cindy’s. Sophia really crawls around alot and was excited to see Zoe, sadly Zoe just stared at her like everyone else. Maybe at Christmas Zoe will start to get excited about other babies. Sunday was our big day out at Sea World; we got in free because of their military appreciation promotion. It was fun and Zoe did good as long as I nursed her during shows. We slathered her in sunscreen before we left the house, so she was really greazzzzzzzzzy looking all day. That night we got back at 5 and she hadn’t slept all day. I thought she would pass out from exhaustion but instead she just couldn’t shut down no matter what we tried…finally at 9:30 she feel asleep. Frustrating. On Monday we hung out, got some fish for lunch, went to the beach in coronado, and had mexican in La Jolla for dinner. Tuesday morning we left early to go back to La Jolla and check out the seals before driving home.


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