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London Weekend Break on the Cheap(ish)

The original goal for this entire weekend was completely Harry Potter affiliated.  Yes, I’m a fan. No, the entire post will not be about Harry. I will #keepthesecrets.  The books are the best; my sister got me hooked way back when they weren’t even all out yet.  I was resistant at first, but Bethany is a librarian and convincing. Now that my daughter Zoe has read them all, it’s quite fun to geek out with her and go full Potterhead.  We are a read-before-you-watch family, so the movies were motivation for her to finish books and now the play has been another motivator and goal.

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Travel Writing Workshop in London

“We have to take the kids to London,” I heard my self gushing at Bryan over and over after returning from a rare solo weekend away from the family.  He had gifted me the time to attend the Travel Writing Workshop; an encouraging push toward something I’ve thought about for a long time. Continue reading “Travel Writing Workshop in London”

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