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Bike dreams

What looked like a dreary day became a wish fulfilling adventure for Bryan.  He has always wanted a reason to have one of those Scandinavian cargo bikes: for kids or stuff or just for fun, but it’s never been a reasonable thing to own. Continue reading “Bike dreams”


Back in Estonian Time

This morning we ate at the fancy schmancy breakfast at Bryan’s hotel before heading out into the sunshiny day for a visit to the Estonian Open Air Museum.  It is a vast living history museum full of old farm buildings, thatched roof houses, and winding paths through the woods to explore.

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We spent some time with Bryan in his fancy swissotel room this morning before venturing into the old town of Tallin.  It’s an adorable place with many city walls and towers still intact,  lots of cobbled lanes, and cute shops.

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Cruise to Tallin

The kids and I got to the Tallink cruise port early, and as we sat watching the disembarking passengers it became quite apparent that many people use the ferry as an opportunity to buy their legal import limit of booze.  People were carrying cases and cases of the stuff stacked high in wheeled carts. The few novices carrying their clanking bottles in bags kept having to stop and shake their poor squished fingers.  It was an intergenerational and happy crowd; lots of young adults and old folks and a few families sprinkled about. There was excitement when a drunk old man was being carried out by police (his luggage following in a shopping cart). There was another guy who literally fell out of the exit, and then there was the spilling of a case of beer that brought together crowd camaraderie as stranger helped drunk stranger retrieve their precious duty free.

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