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Santorini Sands

Following our visit to Meteora, the kids and I had wake super early to catch our ferry ride out to Santorini.  I booked a room on the ferry, and I’m so very glad I did.  We were exhausted after getting into Athena so late, hadn’t even showered after hiking the last two days, and needed a comfy quiet rest. We had even slept in our clothes at the cheapo hotel I booked us near the port at Piraeus. Continue reading “Santorini Sands”


Meteora Love



While in Greece, the kids and I took what turned into a 6 hour train ride north from Athens into the gorgeous mountain town of Meteora.  The day didn’t start ideally.  The Athens subway was unexpectedly non operational, so we ended up walking couple miles through the dodgy parts of town up to the main train station.  Continue reading “Meteora Love”

2 days in Athens with the kids

The kids and I packed our little backpacks, got a cheap Ryan Air flight, and snagged an apartment in the Plaka of Athens via Air BnB. I found that two days in the city was enough for us to see all the big sights and still have time for fun kid stuff. Continue reading “2 days in Athens with the kids”

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