The igloo!

Well, we have been back from Christmas holiday for a few weeks and gotten back into the school groove.  Zoe … More


I love spring in Korea. The flowers are out, the weather is nice (most of the time), people are out, … More

Spring Lessons!

We have been back from Germany for a week or so.  The first week back was a bit rough with … More

Russia week

No we aren’t actually IN Russia this week, just studying it in history. The Rus, the Golden Horde, Byzantines, Ivan … More


Another lunar new year is upon us!  This year we are way less excited than usual.  Bryan and I really … More

Candy and coasters

This week has gone quickly!!  Avi has a runny nose and had been moodier than usual… If that is possible. … More


In our travels it was tough for our new vegetarian to find things to eat.  There is a lot of … More


Well I messed up Zoe’s specials schedule but it worked out in the end.  You see,  it’s the new quarter … More