Back to civilization

We had a pleasant early morning drive back to Yogyakarta from Borobudur for our flight to Singapore.  We enjoyed a … More


Today I decided that I enjoy Indonesia.  Going to Bali put me off – but after being in Borobudur for … More

Java Countryside

It’s pretty in Java.  Huge volcanic mountains, big green hills, lush forests growing wild between everyone’s little village or terraced … More


Our early morning flight from bali to Yogyakarta on the island of Java was quick and easy, bummer our ride … More

Last day in Bali

Today was our last day on Lombongan and Bali.  We enjoyed a relaxing morning at our hut and the pool, … More


Tonight I’m blogging from a great little restaurant called Gomez in a tiny hamlet called Mushroom bay on the island … More

It took the shirt!

This morning we discovered that the Indian Ocean likes to eat shirts. Dinosaur shirts. We woke with the birds and … More

Surfing is rad!!

As per my previous post I haven’t been impressed with Bali, but today the island redeemed itself from all the … More