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Südtirol in early December

The off-season seems to suit us.   Lately we have been saving some cash by traveling when it’s not popular, when the weather is iffy, and when the flights are cheap.  Last week, that meant taking a Transavia flight from Alicante to Munich and renting a car for a week of exploring the Alps.  Our primary goal: Südtirol in northern Italy.  This isn’t Tirol in Austria and they don’t speak Italian, but it is a magnificently scenic region of Dolomites with a unique comingling of alpine lifestyle, German language and customs, and yet it’s still Italian (well, at least its inside Italy).

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Long Layover in Bergamo

The best prices on flights from Spain to Greece took the kids and I through Milan-Bergamo airport.  So, we bought the cheap Ryan Air tickets and spent the day in the little village of Bergamo.  Our flight landed at 1205 and the following one departed at 1720 giving us a little over 5 hours. Continue reading “Long Layover in Bergamo”

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