6 weeks

Had my 6 week checkup today…everything seemed fine. I’ve dropped 20 pounds!!  It was nice to see Dr. McFarland again.  Its … More

Avi’s Birth!

Wednesday evening I went to a meeting at church and then came home to a full house…my mom, dad, sister, … More

No baby yet

Well, after having to lay around for a week I thought labor was impending.  I guess not.  Avi is taking … More

Ready to Go – 37/38 weeks

Mom, Dad, and Bethany arrived yesterday morning after driving through the night, so now I’m no longer nervous about how … More

Baby Shower

I had a wonderful day yesterday at my baby shower that my friend Emily hosted.  The food was great, the … More

Belly Shots

Here are some artsy belly shots of me pregnant with Avi at about 37 weeks.  We decided to do these … More

Taking it easy

Well I’ve been really relaxing and taking it easy this week, which is tough for me.  I miss going to … More

False alarm

Well, I’ve been getting a lot of painless contractions the last two days, so I thought I’d call the OB … More

36 Week Belly Shot

About 36 weeks pregnant with Avi….just trying to keep cool.  He’s still quite the little mover and I’ve been getting … More