35/36 week checkup

Very exciting OB appointment this morning. I got an exam and found out I’m 1cm dilated already! Avi has also … More

33 week sonogram

Well we got a sonogram this morning that was very exciting. The tech measured all Avi’s body parts and fluid … More

31 Weeks Pregnant

Well, here is the most recent picture of my giant belly. I feel like I’ve looked huge-er faster this pregnancy…it’s … More

23 weeks

Well, I’m at about 23 weeks pregnant now and starting to get more excited about our new little boy. We … More

Avi Pregnancy – 22 weeks

Had a checkup today. Avi’s heartbeat sounded good (140s) and I’m measuring the right size. I’ve been feeling him move … More

Avi Kicking

I can feel Avi kicking a lot more lately. I’ve felt something moving about for a bit, but couldn’t quite … More

We’re having a boy

We all went to my sonogram appointment today and found out the good news! His name will be Avi…not sure … More