Back to the future

Returning to Ulaanbator from our homestay took another 2 day drive.  The first day we bumped and rattled along dirt … More

Becoming family

The first two days we stayed here at the family ger were awkward.  We are sleeping on the floor.  They … More

Mongolian Homestay

Staying with a herding family is fascinating and, for once, I’ve found a place I could NOT see myself living. … More

Mongolian transportation

Let’s be frank,  transport in Mongolia sucks.  Did I expect it to be great? No.  But I did expect the … More

Flaming cliffs

In our bouncy jeep we drove about 3 hours across the scrubby Gobi desert steppe this morning to the village … More

Sand in every crevice

Driving in the Gobi  is rough. Our Russian jeep has no seatbelts so it’s just super bouncy as we rumble … More


Our last night in Ulaanbaatar was rough.  Woke at midnight by Avi who had to go potty. He then came … More


Well our first couple days in Mongolia have been great.  Our flight from Seoul was only 3.5 hours long and … More