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Vegas with a Baby

Sorry for the lag in blogging.  We drove to Vegas last Friday and stayed until today (Monday).  Bryan is there for some weapons school stuff.  Zoe did good in the car; she napped or I stayed back there with her and played.  We stayed in the TLF, but they weren’t that nice and had no crib so Zoe slept with us.  It was kind of cramped and Bryan nor I slept well, but Zoe was well rested.  We spent all day Saturday visiting all the neat free things on the strip.  Zoe especially enjoyed the aquariums, M&Ms land, the lions, and all the lights.  We were beat from walking all day and spent the evening in the TLF making dinner and playing at the playground.  Zoe decided to have a scream fest for a bit at dinner.  Sunday we went to the gym in the morning, then Bryan had to work so Zoe and I drove out to a casino that bragged of a large aquarium with sharks.  It was worth the drive.  We also went to Lake Mead.  The return drive today took a while, but we stopped for a long time at a park for lunch and at IKEA in Phoenix.


Las Vegas, family style

So we would not normally head to Las Vegas on a family vacation; it’s really not that kind of place. However, Bryan was going to Nellis TDY so we all went! We drove up on Friday and spent all day Saturday touring around on the strip and checking out all the neat themed casino’s on the the south end. There are, surprisingly, lots of free things to see or walk through. We even packed our lunch, so we only spent $1.85….Bryan got a coke and we tried 2 slot machines. I’d say that’s not a bad net loss. On Sunday we stayed at Nellis in the morning, went to the gym, and them Bryan went to work. Kat and Zoe drove out to run some errands, visit the Silverton and BassPro shop, and drove to Lake Mead. We spent the evenings making dinner in the TLF and playing in the nice playground they had.

Las Vegas

I went to Las Vegas for the week while Bryan was there on TDY.  He was going to a class to become a FAC, so I got a cheap one-way ticket on Southwest and flew up to hang out.  He lost $100 playing poker, but I won $60 playing nickel slots.  Its his first time in Vegas and he’s not impressed.  I went to a Babys R Us stored and was shocked how big and how much baby stuff there is out there.  Everyone tries to tell us we NEED all these gadgets and stuff for the baby, but it seems like too much.  Its all supposed to make parenting easier, but I don’t know that I need it to be easy.  I’m ready to spend time and energy on my baby.  Anyway, we also went to the musical Spamalot which was so funny.  Then we drove home.

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