Camp Blue Bird

Zoe’s first week of organizing Camp Blue Bird was a success!  We had a few more folks than we thought, … More

Getting outside

It’s now hot and get hotter in Korea.  Summer is pressing in in us and we are all ready for … More

Home grown

Well our little garden out back has started to produce!  Avi has especially been enjoying the sweet peas.  He loves … More

Garden time

Seems everything goes like clockwork in Korea.  We have had a mild winter and warm weather off and on since … More


What an awesome afternoon!   The kids and I got a turn in the A-10 simulator.  Bryan was able to get … More

Busy busy busy….

Weeks are flying by as we busy ourselves this spring!  Between schooling and biking, trip planning and article writing I’m … More

Biking in Pyeongtaek

Drove to the city just south of us this weekend for an enjoyable ride along their river path.  Zoe was … More