The sun hit our entire backyard today!! For approximately 30 minutes the entire grass patch had sun; the deck was … More

Pumpkin time

We’ve been watching this show about a smallholder lately that outs me in the mood for spring and gardening again! … More

Goodbye Tree Needles

Packing up Christmas a little early this year.  I usually like it to last, but I’m so tired of the … More

Winter break party

We had some friends over Friday for a Winter break party… Zoe insists on calling it a party anytime we … More

Yule Tide

Started a new tradition this year…burning a Yule Log.  Zoe has been interested in solstices and solstice celebrations, so we … More

A Major Award!

Went to the Osan base wide holiday party at the Oclub this evening.  My first stop was to check the boards … More