Quality Time…

…spent with the family in a log cabin…. night night guys coop groceries   goodnight construction site Zoe reading to … More

Camping in the rain

This weekend – well from Thursday to Monday, what my part-time retired parents call a weekend – we hauled the … More


We spent the weekend camping at Parker Dam State Park with my parents. It was a fun time playing in … More

Summer fun

The kids enjoyed staying at Nana and Pappy’s house this week.  They especially loved fishing in the pond with Pappy; Zoe … More

Fascinating Fathers Day

Well,  Fathers Day found me absorbed in my Granddad’s adventure story of whitewater rafting down the Zambezi river. My kids … More


Today Dad and I joined a few of his friends for a kayak trip down the Frankstown Branch of the … More

Fresh Air

It’s been nice to be in Pennsylvania visiting the fam. Well except it’s cold!  I wasn’t expecting that.  It was … More

More time in PA.

Our visit here has been relaxing.  Bryan flew out to Korea on the 7th, so the kids and I are … More