Busy Busy!

Time is flying by too quickly. We’ve been out biking around town; there is a newly built bike trail that … More

Sesame Street Live

The folks from Sesame Street found us again!  When Zoe was one year old in Tucson the troupe came to … More

Defender day

The kids and I went to Defender Day this morning. The security police squadron held the event to show their … More


Zoe and I ran around like nuts this morning getting a ton of last minute stuff organized for the apartment … More

Packed up

The movers came today to pack and move out our stuff. They seemed really thorough and good, so hopefully those … More

6th Anniversary.

Bryan and I have been married 6 years! I love being married to him. Yesterday morning he watched Zoe while … More


One last trip…ah, I’ll miss the place. Zoe played for an hour while I shopped…I think she’ll miss it as … More

busy busy

we were all up early this morning sifting through our junk for the move, then we biked into base for … More

The Scrub Down

I finally did it. This whole year I’ve enjoyed going to the Korean sauna’s and jjimjilbangs. I wash up, sit … More