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Busy Busy!

Time is flying by too quickly. We’ve been out biking around town; there is a newly built bike trail that goes along the river just outside of town over to the Jinwi campground.  It’s a wonderful little route; perfect distance for the kids.

Bryan and I even had a date night!  We drove up to Everland to ride the best roller coaster ever…the T Express and enjoy some romantic lights in the rose garden.

Another Friday night found us hanging with the kids at the rock wall.

We also went to a nearby memorial museum that was just built a couple years ago.  The first battle of the Korean war to include US / UN forces was just north of us in Osan city.  A small memorial to mark the Task Force Smith battle was erected just after the war and a bigger one built a decade ago, but the new museum to accompany it it great.  The highlight was a big topo map board that has video projectors walk you through the battle. Kids enjoyed it as well, and especially Avi who felt so emotional about the memorial section with pictures of all the troops that he wanted to put up a  personal message on the thanks wall.

“Me and the army guy.  We are holding hands”

the new memorial

new memorial

the old memorial

I have been busy cleaning out pots and prepping house stuff for our next big move.  Bryan is prepping the car, and Avi enjoyed helping him out last weekend! They changed the spark plugs and brake pads.

Lastly, was the big Spring Fest at Camp Humphreys – the army base just south of us. We will miss such amazing military support and activities when we leave Korea.  There were bouncy castles galore, craft tables, food booths, local Korean information, and bands playing on 3 stages. Bryan and I enjoyed sitting with a bunch of older Koreans from the local folk village to learn how to package up our hard boiled eggs in rice straw.  Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan band was the highlight at the end of the evening!  We ended up leaving early, while his band was still playing, because Zoe hurt her knee pretty badly in a bouncy accident.  I guess she got stuck under a bent down poofy thing and another kid jumped right on her.  ouch! 


Sesame Street Live

The folks from Sesame Street found us again!  When Zoe was one year old in Tucson the troupe came to our base for a free military show; at that time she got a light-up spinner that was a treasured position and only finally was thrown out when we moved here.  Well, she now has a new one and Avi has his own.

We drove down to Camp Humphreys for their show since we are going out for the weekend.  It was fun, if chaotic, with kids standing and dancing and some trying to sit and run around.  Zoe and Avi enjoyed it.  I think Avi thought I was saying “Nemo” when I was telling him about “Elmo”… he’s not too familiar with the Sesame street characters.  On the way home he was wondering where the clownfish was.  Regardless, he was enthralled with the singing and dancing performance.

Zoe knows of these characters, but is old enough that she paid attention to the ‘plot’.  The military kid character “Katie” that apparently lives on Sesame Street found out she is moving again, and the whole gang – Cookie Monster, Grover, the purple guy, the Hispanic blue girl (can you tell I haven’t seen the show since I was a kid) and Elmo (whom I simply cannot understand) – all helped her feel better about it.

It was a wonderful free experience for us!  My kids much appreciated the show and the USO for sponsoring it!!

Defender day

The kids and I went to Defender Day this morning. The security police squadron held the event to show their stuff. Both kids enjoyed the K9 demo and bouncy castle. We had some hotdogs and tried on riot gear. Zoe lost interest and climbed a tree while Avi spent time examining each gun and turret vehicle in detail.


Zoe and I ran around like nuts this morning getting a ton of last minute stuff organized for the apartment and the move. Then, we got to go enjoy the Thunderbirds at the Osan Air Show. Zoe really liked watching them, jumping in the bouncy castle and then having a corn dog with daddy. All our stuff is gone, but since we’re in a furnished apartment we are just borrowing some sheets, blankets, towels, and pillows from the squadron loan locker to get us by for the next few days.

Packed up

The movers came today to pack and move out our stuff. They seemed really thorough and good, so hopefully those 3 crates of stuff make it safely to Georgia! This evening we went to the AFRC for Mrs. Lee’s Korean cooking class and dinner. Very fun and yum.

6th Anniversary.

Bryan and I have been married 6 years! I love being married to him.

Yesterday morning he watched Zoe while I went to the Aeroclub and did a little bit of flying…well mostly landing. It’s coming back to me quickly; I’m surprised.

Then in the afternoon, Mrs. Lee and Minji came over to watch Zoe while Bryan and I went out for our anniversary. We took the train up to Seoul for a fancy dinner up a N Seoul Tower in the N Grill. It was awesome! Highly recommended for anyone here in Korea. It’s a fancy – no kiddo’s kind of place. The restaurant rotates so you can see the whole city in two hours, and they time your dinner perfectly (a 6 course affair) so that you aren’t rushed but finished exactly where you started. Amazing and so romantic. We also got the special treatment at the bottom. Simply told them we had a NGrill reservation and got rushed to the front of the elevator line. Our reservation was for 5pm, so we got beautiful views of the city as the sun set and all the lights turned on. Oh, and the food was soooo good. Fancy. Bryan got steak and I got the lobster. mmmmmm Afterward we walked around MyongDong and then over to Namdaemun and all the way to Seoul Station for some coffee and people watching before the train ride home. It was a fun last jaunt through the street markets we will miss so much.


One last trip…ah, I’ll miss the place. Zoe played for an hour while I shopped…I think she’ll miss it as well.

busy busy

we were all up early this morning sifting through our junk for the move, then we biked into base for some library book, mailing, playground time, commissary run, BX needs, and finally the pool. Zoe loves swimming at the pool. She was so tired she fell asleep on the bike on the way home…I kept feeling her helmet bump me in the back. =)

The Scrub Down

I finally did it. This whole year I’ve enjoyed going to the Korean sauna’s and jjimjilbangs. I wash up, sit in the hot tubs, scrub myself, sit in the steam room, do a face mask, sit in the crystal room, take a dip in the burning hot jet-massage tub, and hop in the cold tubs. I’ve watched as Korean ladies paid the ajima’s (middle-aged women who work – literally, ‘aunt’) to give them a scrub and massage. I got the guts to do it today! Yes, I laid my naked body on the massage table in the bathouse surrounded by a hundred other naked women while a barely-clothed Korean lady about my mom’s age scrubbed every inch of my body to vigorously scrub, exfoliate, wash and finally massage away any possible dirt. Awesome!! Today’s exchange rate made it $12. Wish I would’ve done it earlier.

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