Happy Chuseok

So, this whole weekend is Korean Thanksgiving, or Chuseok. As I understand it Koreans travel to visit there grandparents and … More


Today we had Korean guests! Bryan’s Mom’s friend Jae (from PA) is visiting her family in Seoul. She took the … More


Spent the day squashing Cessna factoids and flight regulations back into my brain, then took 3 open book and 1 … More

Songbook Market

Zoe and I walked over to the 5-day market today and got alot of great produce for a giant veggie … More


Getting our final Korean shopping done before we go next month. Bibimbap bowls, custom coats, kiddo floor mats, Mess Dress, … More

Ho Hum

Nothing but cleaning the house and getting junk done today. Well, Zoe did fall out of the laundry basket and … More

Songtan Sun

It has been so nice this week, we’ve either walked or biked everywhere. Keeping busy with the regular stuff: library … More