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It’s cool here

It took a while to see the appeal of Juneau, and I’m pretty sure the weather as to blame.  It is cold here. And rainy.  But otherwise it’s really pretty.  The huge mountains that lock the town against the coast are covered with trees and waterfalls and glaciers. Along the open spaces are tons of wildflowers like lupine and fireweed and flox. Continue reading “It’s cool here”


The Expedition

Last weekend Bryan and I celebrated our anniversary in a way most other couples would not.  We spent three and a half days adventure racing in the Basque region of Spain as part of a team.  The “TLP Bombers” consisted of the two of us Americans and two British colleagues from Bryan’s work.  To be honest, I’m not sure any of us fully grasped what we were getting into last spring when deciding to participate in the Basque Expedition Race. Shep had done a one day adventure race before, Grant has hiked the Camino de Santiago, Bryan likes to mountain bike and do anything with ropes and gear, and I have two kids.  So, I guess we seemed a likely team to someone. Continue reading “The Expedition”


So,  it’s been a couple months since I blogged. Sorry about that. We’ve had a bit of a crazy upheaval in our family, which I may blog about sometime.  We also had a really incredible summer, which I will update on the blog.  We did a big trip to Tanzania, a fun trip to Disney, and a lot of local day trips here in Spain. Lots of beach, lots of pool.  Our fall is also off to a wonderful start.  Continue reading “tranquilo”

Over Mt. Kilimanjaro

On our way home from Tanzania we flew from Zanzibar to Kilimanjaro and then on to Addis Ababa where we had a layover before continuing to Madrid.  It was a long journey, but in the middle we had a wonderful surprise. Continue reading “Over Mt. Kilimanjaro”

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