Taking it easy

The last few weeks we have been taking it easy and enjoying my parents. Mom flew down for a couple … More


Every Friday Zoe has”share day” at school. They are to bring in an item to show to the class that … More

Festival Frenzy

This weekend we were busy busy busy.  Saturday we went to the International Festival, which was quite enjoyable.  There are info … More

Glorious day

Today has been so nice. It was 75 degrees and sunny and breezy. I opened all the windows and aired … More


Got up at 0545 this morning, dressed, brushed my teeth careful not to swallow a thing, and drove myself in … More

Drip drip drop

The weather has warmed up, thank goodness, and brought with it some wonderful rain. We’ve taken advantage by weeding, planting, … More

The season begins

I love this time of year! Garden time!!! Of course here in Georgia it starts months before anywhere else. So, … More

Daddy-Daughter Dance

This is the second year that Bryan has taken Zoe to the Valdosta Father Daughter dance, and Zoe’s anticipation was … More