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Ride the mountain rails

When Avi was little he loved a Canadian show called Mighy Machines; it features short documentaries about large equipment for kids.  There are episodes about recyling, lumber, farms, street cleaning, etc.  We all find them interesting, but one of Avi’s favorites has always been the episode called “Ride the Mountain Rails” about the trains that maintain and fix the White Pass and Yukon railroad. He has always wanted to ride that train, so I made a point of making that happen.  Continue reading “Ride the mountain rails”


It’s cool here

It took a while to see the appeal of Juneau, and I’m pretty sure the weather as to blame.  It is cold here. And rainy.  But otherwise it’s really pretty.  The huge mountains that lock the town against the coast are covered with trees and waterfalls and glaciers. Along the open spaces are tons of wildflowers like lupine and fireweed and flox. Continue reading “It’s cool here”

Ferry Camp

The Alaska Marine Highway System is the way to travel Alaska, I tell you! It is a series of long and short distance ferry routes throughout coastal Alaska, with a stop in Canada and as far south as Bellingham Washington. There are ferries of various sizes, and for the long-hauls they are large vehicle carriers that also include sleeping berths, a cafeteria, and various lounges over 2 decks for passengers.

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Cariboo country 

The north central part of British Columbia is sparsely populated and full of gigantic thick evergreen forests.  It’s also where gold was found during the rushes of the 1800s.

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The Okanagan

Lush green valleys full of orchards and vineyards backed by deep rivers and rimmed with steep evergreen-covered mountains: this is the Okanagan region which lays along the southern central border of British Columbia, and even into northern Washington state. It’s full of wineries and fruit stands.

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To the north!

Seems to me that “driving across” the United States should also include going from Mexico to Canada and not just from sea to shining sea.  It makes sense, so I’m telling you that the rambling family just drove across the US in 3 days.  Well, nearly.  We started in Tucson which is 70 miles short. Technicality.  We proudly crossed the border at Osoyoos, British Columbia on day three, ready to explore the great white north. Continue reading “To the north!”

Spring Schooling

It’s been a bit of a self induced stressful spring.  We are busy at home working on the house and the backyard and figuring out Bryan’s job. But on top of that is the challenge of decisions regarding schooling the kids. Continue reading “Spring Schooling”

Cave Creek

One of the reasons we have been excited about a move back to America is the opportunity to take our kids backpacking; something hard to come by in the same way overseas.  So, with new backpacks for the kids, we started out!  Bryan took Zoe out a few weekends ago on a fun overnight trip into the Rincon’s near Saguaro National Park, and she loved it.  This week we followed up with nearly a week of fun in southern Arizona, and a highlight backpack down the Cave Creek Trail in the Chiricahua Forest.

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Renaissance Festival

The Arizona Renaissance Festival is now in full swing!  We were there yesterday to take in the first day of crazed excitement.
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